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Rails Static Router

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One year ago, I need to serve single page on asset folder in my Rails application. However, I can’t use Nginx to directly serve the file since preprocessing is required by Rack middleware. Also, all of the assets is served via CDN and I can’t simply redirect the path into CDN, as JEB path my change dependencing on CDN configuration. Then I found following StackOverflow question:

Stackoverflow Question

The first answer pointed me to use High Voltage gem. However, I think it is overkill. I don’t need to serve dozens of page.

I then opened another Stackoverflow Question:

Stackoverflow Question

The next answer is fairly fit my needs. It only need add 1 file to my Rails installation, then I only need add static(filename) to my routes.rb. Very great!

The answer was from Eliot Sykes. However, it wasn’t work for Rails 5 and I need a little tweak to make it works. After all, the tweak works and I can use his code on my project.

Weeks later, I needed to put it into my another project. I need to copy the single lib file to my new project. Yes, only single file. But it would be very nice if it is packaged as a Rubygem. I asked Eliot if I can publish the Rubygem within his name. He asked me back how about I publish the Rubygem as he is no more maintaining the library. He give me permission to fork the project and then redirect the original repo to my repo.

Currently, I maintained the library and I make sure the library is compatible with the latest Rails version.

If your use case fits the library purpose, go ahead visit the repo and install it into your Rails project.

Hope it helps!