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Instant Messaging (Including Whatsapp) Is Not For Mobile

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Well, it’s been a while since i broke my smartphone. Since communication is very important these days, i should get a new phone ASAP. Fortunately i only need calling and texting, so i can simply buy a dumbphone to fullfill my need.

What? A dumbphone for today’s communication? What on earth am i actually doing? Because i only need SMS and GSM call. Even though my friends is actually on LINE, Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype, etc; those are actually a decoy to a more horrible communication. Let me tell you why i am doing this.

The first one, i am still able to contact my friend via phone call. So, no big deal.

The second one, i constantly use Slack for office-related communication. Release, hotfix, bug, “random chit-chat”. And since i use my office’s notebook with real keyboard, typing feels very convenient. Copy-paste log into Slack and let my coworker see them. Screenshot? Simply drag and drop. Need to notify someone about your new deployment? Private message her/him. Still does not work? We can switch back communication to email anytime we want.

The last one and the most important thing, i don’t need IM in my phone. Seriously. It is very handy to consume content on mobile, but not for producing it, including typing in it for 30 minutes or more. If we need to get something serious, we should do it within a big keyboard, where we can respond it fast and type it fast. But that’s just one problem.

Another problem is its distraction. Enough is enough. Even though i use Slack on my computer, i don’t need Slack on my mobile phone. When i had my smartphone, i didn’t install it too. A simple notification “Hey your build is broken,” to my phone simply could break my mood when it comes in weekend. Also, if it is really important thing, people won’t message me. They will call me. So, who need IM in mobile, anyway?

How about last-minute notification when i have a meetup? “Hey Mufid, i am sorry, the venue was changed. Now we are in Coffee shop, no more in Cafe. See you soon!” NO. If we plan it well, we will never have a last-minute information or last-minute-to-do-asap. Remember when we didn’t have a phone and/or when we were still using a pager? Remember how we planned everything very well so we minimize last-minute communication since at that time it was very hard to notify someone if we changed our plan in the last minute?

I will using my dumbphone, at least until i know why IM in Mobile is actually good for me.

Edit: sorry for my English. Feel free to give feedback. I will very happy if someone could help improve my English. I am not a native unfortunately : (